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Get REAL – Youth

At Get REAL Youth Services, our goal is to assist young adults who want to become successful, with their education and employment goals in an effort to lead youth to self-sufficiency.

Services We Provide:

As an active member in Get REAL, youth are eligible for the following services (as funds allow):


  • Scholarships: assistance with tuition, books, supplies, testing fees
  • Workshops: usually held monthly with a focus on skills building
  • Internships: may be paid or unpaid at a work site that meets your career interest
  • Job Shadows: spend time with a professional in a career field for your choice
  • Trips: promote team building and fellowship while having fun
  • Career Exploration: using various resources we can assist you with exploration
  • Job Search: learn the many methods of job search
  • Transportation: assist you with public transportation or reimbursement for mileage while participating in Get REAL components
  • Child Care: assist with childcare fees while participating in Get REAL components
  • Volunteer Opportunities: annual National Youth Service Day event
  • Leadership Development Opportunities: ongoing teambuilding and leadership activities
  • Earn cash, gift cards and trips for participating: incentives are available to reward youth for their hard work

Who We Serve:

Get REAL serves young adults between the ages of 16-21 who meet income guidelines and have a barrier to their education/employment. Barriers include: pregnant/parenting, high school dropouts, offenders, youth who performing below a 9th grade level in reading or math, and youth who are homeless, runaways or foster children.

Each youth is assigned a Career Coach who helps them with their employment and education goals. Together, a Personal Goal and Service Plan is developed that will assist youth towards their success.

How To Join:

We love to see youth succeed!

Get REAL Youth Services are located at the JobLink Career Center.


“‘Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.’ Hebrews 11:1. God gave me the faith. Get REAL gives me the substance.”
Amanda Smith (Ashe)

Get REAL is a very helpful program. I, myself, recommend joining.”
Justin Dalton (Alleghany)

“It’s great. They are very helpful, giving me great ideas and teaching me the skills I need to reach my goals.”
Kristina Roten (Ashe)