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Wilkes JobLink Career Center Business Services

The Wilkes JobLink Business Services Representative brokers information between business and the JobLink Career Center. This individual is responsible for marketing the Center and development of a networking system with local businesses.

For businesses the Wilkes County JobLink Career Center will:

  • Offer comprehensive workforce services
  • Provide orientation to the JobLink system and discuss services provided
  • Allow employers access to and self-enrollment in various internet resources that integrate America’s Job Bank system.
  • Use surveys to measure business responses and satisfaction concerning the value of services received; the JobLink will use feedback to improve overall services
  • Offer workshops, seminars, and job fairs; organize career panels which allow multiple organizations to share relevant company information with job seekers

The Center also offers businesses the following services:

  • Recruitment and Screening Assistance – Job listings, automated job matching, applicant recruitment, screening, and referral
  • Rapid Response Services – Assist businesses who are downsizing and/or closing.
  • Assessment and Testing Services – Businesses may obtain assistance in analyzing the skills, aptitudes, and interests of potential and current employees. At the employers’ request, the Center will administer employee screening services which include typing and spelling tests. Career Readiness Certification and job profiling are new services offered to employees through the JobLink Career Center.
  • Education and Training Brokering – The Center helps businesses identify and connect with appropriate education and training sources to assist with their workforce development needs. Consumer reports on effectiveness of specific providers are also available for employers.
  • Technical Assistance on Employment Issues – This can range from licensing requirements, bonding, and alien labor certification.
  • Labor Market Information – The Center provides businesses with user friendly access to local and state labor market information to bridge economic and workforce development.
  • Business Resource Room – The Center provides an interviewing/conference room which is available to employers upon request.
  • Business Resource Library and Media Center – The Business Resource Library provides employers with informative videos, books, and materials to assist with orientation, training, and other business needs. These resources include information on government laws and regulations (OSHA, ADA, WARN, EEO, UI, WOTC, etc�), safety, and other training issues. The Media Center’s inventory includes the following items: power point projector, DVD player, VCR, television, and laptop computer. All resources mentioned are available for check-out by local businesses.
  • Small Business Resources – The JobLink Center will provide small businesses with community service information which includes loan and relevant labor market information, various training materials, access to entrepreneurial assistance and economic devolvement through referrals.
  • Business Networking – The Business Advisory Committee meetings held quarterly will provide an excellent opportunity for local businesses to network and develop mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Human Resource Information – The JobLink Career Center will furnish employers information on the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, unemployment insurance, labor law, and compliance information.
  • Listing Job Openings – The Center will provide multiple methods to list job openings i.e. telephone, fax, and the internet. JobLink will assist employers with writing job descriptions and allow them to choose the method of referral.
  • Training Services – The Wilkes County JobLink Center offers employers incumbent worker training, on-the-job training, advanced skills training, and customized job training funded under WIA. The center also allows access to computerized training to upgrade incumbent basic skills.
  • WorkKeys Assessments – (Reading for Information, Locating Information, and Applied Mathematics) WorkKeys Assessments can be administered as a pre-employment screening tool for prospective employees or as a promotion screening tool for their incumbent workforce. (There is a cost involved for the assessments and scoring them)
  • KeyTrain for Incumbent and Prospective Workforces – KeyTrain remediation in Reading for Information, Locating Information, and Applied Mathematics will be available for the incumbent and prospective workforces. A pretest can also be used to assess current skill levels prior to the actual assessments. (Fees for this may be waived if individuals meet HRD fee waiver guidelines)